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Yes, We Can Help (October 2020)

Our strategy is to catalyze collaborations. We bring together that which was previously separate. When we see gaps, we try to fill them. When people express a need, we hope to say, “yes, we can help.”

So when Dara Nykamp in Michigan (Crossroad Prison Ministry) said she wanted to develop a leader’s guide for one of my books, we said, “yes, we can help.” When Pastor Bradshaw in Houston shared his desire to pursue intentional racial reconciliation, we partnered with him to launch a national quarterly Zoom gathering called “Reconciliation Fellowship.”

When Bryan Galloway (International Mission Board) expressed the need for a database app to track the progress of reaching unreached people groups in Dallas and other cities, our son Ryan and I stepped in to design it. When Karen Swanson in Illinois (Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Association) asked for help to form regional chapters of CMCA, we said, “yes we can help.”

When John Baxter in Florida (NextMove) asked for help in writing a college course on diaspora ministry, we said “yes, we can help.” With prisons closed to volunteers because of COVID, the Prison Ministries of Texas said they needed ways to keep volunteers involved. Cathy connected them Douglas Cuppery to train volunteers to disciple prisoners through correspondence.

After sharing Climbing Up with the men in his prisoner re-entry home, Charles Anderson (Epiphany Life Change) said “They were so excited about the book that they want to go through it with their family members, so would you and Cathy write a study guide for them? We said, “yes, we can help.”

When Will Smith in Atlanta (E3 Partners) and Tom Engelsman in Detroit (SEND) said they wanted to know what was happening among the diaspora in other cities, they were told to contact Completion Global. When Eldon Porter in Charlotte (Linking Global Voices) wanted to assemble a list of diaspora practitioners in America, he asked us to start the process. We were glad to help.

When Molly Raney (Houston Welcomes Refugees) said she could use a website of city-wide ministries to recruit volunteers, we started building a website that could be duplicated in other cities beyond Houston.

We are grateful to God for these 10 new opportunities this month. Now we ask you to partner with us by praying for one of these 10 projects during November.

Please say, “yes, I will help.”

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