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Strengthen the Overcomers (June 30, 2022)

Concluding our fourth year of Completion Global, we remain committed to innovation for the Great Commission. As a networking organization, we want to accelerate collaboration in three ways: 1) Raise awareness to the opportunity of missions without leaving home through the diaspora; 2) Empower the under-represented including people of color and the incarcerated; 3) Create crowdsourcing tools to get everyone involved.

Now, entering our fifth year, we prayed for an annual theme to guide us, as we have done each year of ministry. We had “Adventure or Die!” “Patience and Persistence.” “Humility and Agility.” And last year, “Allies and Advocates.” We now feel led to channel our energies, to turn from a broad, wide networking effort to a narrower focus on these who especially desire our help.

In this journey, we have met hundreds of people, hearing their stories, hopes, and dreams. In fact, we have talked to nearly 1000 people since July of 2018. But now we are ready to pivot from the wide scattering of seed into a season of tending the garden He has given us.

Jesus uses an interesting phrase in Revelation to describe the people who stay committed to His Kingdom in a bewildering and confusing world of suffering, false teaching and compromise. In all seven letters to His churches, He says “the one who overcomes” (NASB). Overcomers have the discernment to see the lies that masquerade as truth. They are transformed by the Word rather than shaped by cable or social media. They serve in organizations but love Jesus more than their ministry brand. They are passionate about serving but not enslaved by metrics or western-style business practices. Overcomers have opinions about issues and lament injustice, but have a quiet confidence in God’s sovereignty, making them neither angry nor desperate. They are not easily distracted by power, prestige, or reputation.

Therefore, we are thrilled to turn our attention to finding and strengthening overcomers to do the work assigned to them. Historically, overcomers have been outside the world’s power structure; the poor, prisoners, or refugees. So we are doubling down our investment in the foreign-born, the incarcerated, the unseen, and the indigenous leaders among them, until every tribe, people, language and nation has representation in His family.

Therefore, this year’s theme is “Strengthen the Overcomers.” Please pray for wisdom for us to live this out in our daily decisions and priorities.

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