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People Groups are Being Reached (October 2018)

Greetings friends! Great news! When we started Completion Global in July there were 3206 people groups on earth who had never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, but I’m thrilled to report this number is down to 3177! We are making progress to complete the Great Commission by 2025!

Cathy and I have had several meetings this month (8 this week) and when people get to hear our vision, their faces light up. We tell them about the massive expense of sending an American missionary--$1M and 10 years for 1 church; the massive duplication of effort among 5000 ministries that don’t often work together; the opportunity to put former prisoners to work who have theological training—a “farm club” of workers from the 2.3M who are behind bars; and how God has sent the world’s people groups to America through migration (aka diaspora). This is where Completion Global comes in: we bring these worlds together, forming a shortcut through the maze, mobilizing a new kind of worker for the harvest, eliminate inefficient silos, and get everyone involved.

So we offer training for prisoner re-entry, instruction on how to reach diaspora, how to train church leaders, develop mission strategy, and make connection with discipleship resources. The bottom line is reducing number from 3177 to zero.

On Thursday we have more exciting presentations in Chicago, Grand Rapids, and Detroit. We come home for a few days and then head to Houston.

I have a favor to ask: please go to our website and if you have any problems, send me a screenshot so I can fix it.

A financial update: the IRS has assigned our file for review, so we are in the approval process, but it could take another five months to hear back. As we wait for that to happen, please consider helping us with a one-time or year-end gift. Your support is making a difference in this world!

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