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Humility and Agility (June 2020)

As we conclude our second year of ministry at Completion Global, it’s become a habit to select an annual theme for the coming year. 2018 was “Adventure or Die!” and 2019 was “Patience and Persistence.” This year it is “Humility and Agility.” We all need a big dose of humility these days, and I want it to start with us. There is so much division, conflict, and defiance right now. People are gritting their teeth, defending positions, and choosing sides. But for us who are citizens of the Kingdom, we have a different way to respond: in love, servanthood, and humility. James 4:6 says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” The second part of our theme is related to humility: agility. This is the ability to adjust position quickly and easily using balance, coordination, speed, strength, and endurance. When we’re humble, we can hear the Spirit’s leading to move this way or that. We can sense when the Spirit is doing a new thing on the earth, in our country, or in us personally. And then upon seeing the opportunity, agility means we can adjust to it quickly, smoothly, and efficiently. For example, COVID-19 has accelerated discipleship, leadership development, and evangelism through video streaming, but only for those who were agile enough to respond. Agility is what we want for ourselves and for our partners at Completion Global. We are thankful to have connected with 569 people of the 1000 we set as a goal for 2025; we’ve given 61 of 300 consultations; initiated 3 of 50 diaspora city coalitions; TUMI is in prisons in 12 states toward a goal of all 50 states, 145 of 500 Onesimus re-entry workshops have been distributed, and the number of uupgs has dropped from 3206 to 3058. We praise God we’ve been able to innovate for the Great Commission, accelerate collaborations, and bring new workers into world missions. One of our dreams is to help people of color get more involved in cross-cultural ministry and next week’s National African American Missions Conference is a golden opportunity. We’re doing three workshops with our Houston colleague Rickie Bradshaw, who inspired us to launch Completion Global. Please register, then pray for a fruitful response on July 9-11 at 1 p.m. ET. Finally, pray that we will develop humility and agility to the glory of Jesus.

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