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Fewer Events, Longer Immersions (June 30, 2024)

It amazes us that we are starting our seventh year as Completion Global. While there have been so many changes since we started in July 2018, Jesus’ command to make disciples of all ethnic groups on earth remains the same, so we are as excited as ever to accelerate innovation for His Great Commission, in three ways:

1)      Raising awareness about diaspora opportunities in America;

2)      Mobilizing the under-resourced, especially those affected by incarceration;

3)      Creating crowdsourcing tools to get more people involved.


Each year on our July 1 anniversary, we have selected an annual theme to set priorities, make decisions, and avoid distractions. Past themes were Adventure or Die! Patience and Persistence; Humility and Agility; Allies and Advocates; Strengthen the Overcomers; Convening New Communities. 


This year we are energized by this theme: Fewer Events, Longer Immersions. Over the years, we have had the blessing of attending many events and meeting lots of people from around the world. But now we sense we need to circle back to a few of those places and spend a longer time investing in relationships that have been built and discovering new opportunities.


Dr. Edith Davis, one of our Board members, likened this to Paul’s second missionary journey, where he and his band went back to nurture the existing churches, add to their capacity, and equip new people he hadn’t met before.


Therefore, we plan to cut down on shorter visits, forgo some conferences that we previously frequented, and invest in longer stays in a metropolitan area. So we are praying for guidance as to which cities we might visit and when. And as we do, we continue working on the following projects:

·         Release of a second edition of my book Think Again: Resilience That Produces a Return on God’s Investment. We plan to translate it into Spanish and Swahili, and perhaps in other languages in the future.

·         Connect partners across America who share a commitment to empowering indigenous church leadership inside prisons, including developing new curriculum for the incarcerated.

·         Assist local leaders in launching additional Diaspora Coalitions in U.S. cities, like the ones we helped start in Portland, Dallas, and Houston.


Thank you for praying with us as we discern where we should invest in the coming year. We are excited to see what doors will open for the gospel in the coming year.

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