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DFW Diaspora Coalition in Action (July 31 2023)

We are excited about the development of the new Dallas-Fort Worth Diaspora Coalition (DDC). We just had five informational meetings around the metroplex, with over 40 ministries expressing interest to reach the over 200 unreached people groups who have moved here from other countries. Watch this video to hear from some of our partners.

Here’s one example of this collaboration: Cathy found Pastor Kevin Bailey through prison ministry connections and invited him to one of our DDC meetings. He said he had a couple move to his neighborhood from India and started come to his church. They knew nothing about Jesus and so they invited Pastor Bailey to come to their house to tell their friends what Christmas was about. He was happily surprised to find over 12 people stuffed into their living room. But Kevin said he is ill-equipped to reach this people group and so we introduced him to Grant Goodrich, who has experience reaching folks from other countries. Within minutes of Cathy making the connection, Grant sent this photo, showing that the process of helping this Indian couple had begun.

We hope to see this multiplied many times over through our emerging coalition. We hear more and more accounts about Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists appreciating the love that Christians show them in America, which makes them feel safe.

Please pray for the launching of our coalition website and the pilot testing of a phone app to monitor our progress in reaching all 200+ people groups.

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