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Developing Urban Collaboration Ecosystems (December 31, 2022)

I had an amazing experience last week that will make you smile.

For the last few months, we have been thinking and praying about how we can accelerate the work of the Great Commission in our cities, where the unreached people groups of the earth have been slowly moving (aka the diaspora). We want to start replicating what we’ve learned in forming the Houston Diaspora Coalition, which is an “ecosystem” of ministries working together without an organization or centralized leadership.

A few weeks ago, we were talking to Ryan Allsman (Completion Global Board member and our son) about this, and he suggested upgrading some technology tools we’ve been using in Houston. The light went on and all the pieces fell into place. I could see how to create a simple platform that any metropolitan area could use to start their own collaborative ecosystem to reach the diaspora in their city, and I started drafting a proposal for this project.

Last Friday, I finished the first draft and sent it to several people for input. [You can request a copy of the full proposal or the executive summary by emailing us at] I felt good about the idea but wasn’t fully confident about moving forward. I needed some confirmation from the Lord.

Exactly eight minutes later I got on a Zoom call at the request of Eldon Porter, an international expert in missions who helps 750 evangelical networks around the world. He said, “Don, there are two cutting edge issues in world missions today. First is the need to create urban collaborative ecosystems, where ministries can work together to reach their city. Second, is reaching unreached people groups that are dispersing to cities around the world (the diaspora). What you are doing at Completion Global is at the center of both of those topics. I want to form a monthly group of leaders like you, not just in the US, but cities like London, Toronto, and Sao Paulo. Would you be willing to participate? I think you have a lot to offer.”

Within 10 minutes of reluctantly crafting a draft proposal for urban collaborative ecosystems we received confirmation that this is among the most important subjects in contemporary world missions. Praise God for His timing and clear direction!

Now, we turn to you for prayer support to complete this project. Beyond partnering with us in prayer, there is also opportunity to participate through giving toward this project, which is $61,000 above our normal budget. If you would like to send a one-time gift, you can do so through our website ( or send a check to 4261 E. University Dr., Prosper TX 75078.

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