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Collaboration Over Branding (October 2019)

Collaboration is the theme this month. We recently attended a global forum organized by the Global Alliance on Church Multiplication, a gathering of 148 organizations and 29 nations to reach the goal of establishing a healthy church for every 1000 people on earth. The ethos of cooperation was remarkable. Several speakers noted that the level of unity breaking out among various organizations worldwide is unprecedented. At other conferences, it feels more like a time for promotion of each ministry’s brand, but this forum was about collaboration for the Great Commission. In fact, one of the platform speakers said, “Let’s seek collaboration over branding.” Later, one of the delegates told me, “I’m going to get a tattoo with that phrase on my arm.”

But we experienced collaboration in other ways this month as well. We met with our friends Ron and Star at Sowing Seeds of Joy here in Dallas, and they asked us to partner with them in putting a three-part plan together to recruit and train African American congregations to do 1) in-prison ministry training; 2) re-entry for former prisoners getting out; and 3) field-specific training for the short-term and long-term missions assignments.

And on top of that, I was blessed to participate in the advisory board of the Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Association in Orlando. This group of correctional ministry leaders is warm and collegial, and I left so refreshed by the Body of Christ encouraging one another, sharing good ideas, and praying for each other.

The month ended with several uplifting events with our board chair Harold Roesler and his wife Kathy in Wichita, KS; with coffee with Ray Dorsett who was instrumental in the formation of our vision; then a video conference with our wonderfully supportive Board: Harold, Edith, Mary, and Ryan.

Thank you for your collaboration with us. I want to remind you that you can make a year-end gift via our website, by mailing a check, or transferring stock to our account. We appreciate your gifts.

Collaboration over branding. I’m not getting a tattoo, but collaboration is definitely the inspiring wave of the future in world missions.

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