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Climbing Up Testimonies (September 30, 2023)

During COVID Cathy and I wrote Climbing Up to help the incarcerated prepare for release to society. We also hoped it would help family members preparing to receive their loved ones coming out of prison. We thought you would enjoy hearing some testimonies about this book.

Crossroads Prison Ministries gives Climbing Up as a graduation gift for those who finish one of their programs:

· Stephen: “The book is perfect, informative, educational, and rehabilitative. I’m getting the tools I need while at the same time keeping my commitment to learning. I will get all I need from it and share it with others.”

· Jennifer: “I see I need to have a plan upon leaving prison but my vision may take another route than I originally thought.”

· Ricardo: “This was an eye-opener because inmates that are being released think that there is a welcoming committee waiting for them at the bus station but there are many disappointments as soon as you settle down. There will be changes in family, friends, and church.”

· Michael: “This is a very good book for helping prisoners prepare for release. It had a lot of good insight on prison culture and how it differs from civilian culture. I enjoyed the part on Remember Your Identity. It had good exercises to rewire your brain. I enjoyed this book and passed it along to fellow Christian friends who are also about the leave prison.”

David Phillips from Brand 316 gave a copy to one of the men in his program who said, “I received the book and am about at Chapter 2. It really makes you think as well. I do appreciate the book. I know many that have been down much longer would appreciate the book as well.”

Charles Anderson from Epiphany Life Change received approval from the Texas prison system to teach Climbing Up as an official curriculum, and he has been teaching it to dozens of prisoners ever since. He said, “Climbing Up is the best book available to help men and women transition back into society as Christians.”

Please pray that Climbing Up will get into the hands of men and women so they are encouraged to walk with Jesus in their re-entry journey. Copies can be purchased at (in English and Spanish) via links at our website (, and a free pdf copy is posted there as well.



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