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A Tool for the Great Commission (March 30, 2022)

A few weeks ago I attended a meeting of missions leaders hosted by Lausanne, arguably the leading association focused on the Great Commission. Over the last two years, they conducted extensive field interviews of global leaders across 12 regions, to discover both progress and barriers related to reaching the nations (ta ethne) for Christ. Among their many findings, two observations were significant to me: a problem and a solution. The problem saddened me, but the solution brought a smile to my face.

Historically, people have looked to us as a good example of Christianity, but now we are seen as divisive, being driven by egos, logos, silos, and tribalism. This perception is making the work of overseas evangelism more difficult. But here is the good part. Their report suggested a way out that resonates with what we have been emphasizing: seek collaboration, friendship, and trust using accessible platforms.

In other words, accelerate collaboration by creating onramps that are easy for people to access. One of the many accessible platforms we helped create through Completion Global is Reconciliation Fellowship, our quarterly Zoom community welcoming Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian believers to build unity, learn from each other, and launch joint efforts for the gospel.

Pastor Rickie Bradshaw and I are committed to this because the risks are worth the rewards for a watching world. And because of Christ, we can do it! Join us in our next one-hour fellowship this Thursday, March 31 at 2 pm ET, 1 pm CT, and 11 am PT. If you come, you are not committing to attend every quarter, but your presence will be a powerful force for building the Kingdom and bearing witness to Christ.

Pastor Rickie and I make opening comments and then send everyone to breakout groups using pre-planned questions. Then we return to wrap up as a large group. The purpose of these gatherings is to meet like-minded believers from another ethnicity, build relationship, and scheme ways for Blacks and Whites to work together, building each other up in Christ. These meetings have spawned in-between meetings in smaller groups.

If you would like to be invited, sign up at:

Collaboration, friendship, and trust using accessible platforms. This one way to participate in His Great Commission. So come and join us!

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