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We Won’t Give Up (August 2018)

Last time I reported in it was July 28 and the next day, July 29, my dad had a major stroke while travelling in Northern California. By God’s providence, we had already scheduled a trip to LA to field test the re-entry seminar Cathy and I wrote, so we were able to go to Bakersfield and get dad situated in a rehab facility before returning home via a trip to Denver Women’s prison to encourage the TUMI students there. When we arrived back home in Texas, I got a text from dad’s doctor that indicated he was not going to survive the night. So I booked the next flight back to California, only to hear of his passing on my way to the airport. Needless to say, it’s been a challenge to handle all the changes we’ve been experiencing, but through it all God’s grace has been sufficient and despite enemy’s attempts to knock us down, we will NOT giving up. Cathy has made connection with a prison ministry contact in Michigan that developed into a prison re-entry presentation to 20 pastors in the Muskegon area, which then opened the door for a similar meeting in Detroit. While we are there, we will visit our friends in prison to encourage them in their work. In a few weeks we go to the Missio Nexus gathering of leaders in world mission. Remember 24:14 movement (Mt. 24.14)—finishing task by 2025? They sent and update today saying it is only 88 months to the target. 88 months…the time is short. Let’s each do our part.

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