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Puzzle Pieces Coming into Place (March 31, 2023)

Cathy and I love putting puzzles together. We use a puzzle piece in our logo because Completion Global exists to put ministries together to complete the Great Commission. When you build a puzzle you work back and forth, looking at the box to see the finished product, then looking at pieces to fit them together. Of course, only God can see the whole finished product, but He reveals our part in the process, how we can connect people and organizations to fit together in His puzzle. Sometimes we have weeks of not seeing the pieces join together, so we set them aside, and keep looking for other pieces that do fit together. Other times, pieces fit together in rapid succession.

Recently we have been in a season of rapid connection. In 2018, Cathy helped Charles Anderson (Epiphany Life Change) start TUMI in a Houston prison, which has grown to 25 locations across Texas. Charles was among a group of six who helped us launch the Houston Diaspora Coalition (HDC), a network of ministries collaborating to reach the foreign-born in Greater Houston. This has helped us start discussion about a Dallas-Ft. Worth Diaspora Coalition (DDC) in early February. The next week, Charles and his wife Felicia visited us in Dallas, first to meet with Oasis Center, who pledged to partner with Charles to provide prisoner re-entry ministry for TUMI students released in Dallas-Ft. Worth. Then Charles met with Grant Goodrich of the DFW Coalition, to explain the fruit of prisoner deployment for diaspora missions and the Oasis connection. The next week, Grant took a DFW contingent to Houston to meet with Charles and one of his formerly incarcerated leaders, which added to the DFW excitement.

A few weeks later, Cathy and I traveled to Houston to accelerate the collaboration among the Houston Coalition. We also visited four TUMI classes in prison, encouraging the men with our recent developments in DFW, and hearing their amazing reports about the effect of our book, Climbing Up.

A few days later, we met with the DFW Coalition to report our progress and to schedule three informational meetings around the metroplex, inviting churches, parachurches, and missionaries to join our new collaboration. Please pray that these meetings (April 20, April 28, and May 1) will build momentum and bring more puzzle pieces together for the Great Commission.

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