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Mark Allsman The Cell Church (November 30, 2023)

Cathy and I are proud of our son Mark, who is on staff at Restoration Church in Denver and also works as a mental health professional. Mark did his counseling internship at a halfway house so he has experience with the formerly incarcerated. He was telling us about an event that he attended with The Cell Church, a significant partner of ours doing ministry with the current and formerly incarcerated in Colorado. We asked Mark to tell you about what happened at that event.

Mark: I am happy to talk about the cool things that my parents are doing. At Restoration Church, I’m in charge of our care team, taking care of people through the ups and downs of life. And also in charge of baptisms. Recently I attended the 10-year celebration of The Cell Church where I have some connections. I actually lived with Mark Walker (The Cell Church co-founder) when I first moved out to Denver four years ago and attended a couple of their Saturday church services. And so I got to see some people at the event that I haven't seen in a really long time. They shared the significant things The Cell Church is doing, living out their calling. Many of their activities were connected with my parents, such as their seminary level training for the formerly and currently incarcerated through TUMI that my mom and dad connected them to. They also mentioned the Onesimus Workshop that my mom and dad developed, which helps churches bring people from the incarcerated life back into normal life, and how to gel with churches.

I was talking to one of the guys who I hadn’t seen for four years ago and was telling him about Restoration and what I was doing there. He said, “You know, you need to go to the Onesimus Workshop sometime because I got to be involved with that a couple weeks ago and it's really helpful for churches.” And I told him, “Well, you know, my mom and dad are Don and Cathy Alsman so I know all about the Onesimus Workshop.” He said, “Oh, really! That's so awesome. I didn't know that!”

So it was really encouraging to hear about everything that The Cell Church is doing and the fruit of my mom and dad's work with them.

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