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Grant Goodrich, Alliance 436 (April 30, 2023)

This is an interview with our new friend and colleague in Dallas, Grant Goodrich.

Don: Cathy and I are so grateful for your work at Alliance 436. Tell our friends about your ministry.

Grant: The Lord called me to bring the Gospel to Arab Muslims. In 2011, my wife and I were living in an apartment complex and God put a burden on our heart for those that were living among us. And so by God's grace, we've been reaching people and desiring to grow in our cultural competency. Along the way, we met other people with a similar burden for the nations that have come here. We saw that these cross-cultural workers needed encouragement. They needed to be listened to. They needed times for fellowship together. So last year we formed Alliance 436, based on Acts 4:36, where Barnabas came alongside to undergird and support believers. In December, one of our partners, Bud Houston introduced me to you and Cathy. And so we started having conversations and immediately felt the synergy, the connection that God had put in our hearts on a big level, a citywide level.

Many people and ministries feel ill-equipped to serve their foreign-born neighbors. Many of them are small, grass-roots ministries and nobody knows their names. But your concept of a website (like you developed in Houston) promises to bring all the diverse abilities of the Body of Christ to reach the nations here in DFW. We are tapping into our two very different networks to invite over 200 churches, parachurches, and missionaries to join our DFW Diaspora Coalition.

We're not just co-laborers, we are friends now. Cathy is a blessing. And so I'm thankful for your friendship and your partnership, thankful for Completion Global and what God put in your heart. You've helped us to systematically develop ways to move forward in what was just a concept. You've helped put feet to it with your leadership.

Don: Thank you, Grant. God bless you.

Grant: Bless you, man. Thank you for inviting me to do this.

Please pray for God’s provision for the remaining $4,893 we need to complete the website for these diaspora coalitions.

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