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Go Impact the World (November 2020)

The pandemic has impacted us all, but the good news is that we don’t have to be immobilized by it. Regardless of your circumstances, here are a few ways you can change the world without leaving your house. During COVID, ministries and families have been prevented from prison visits, so it has been a long, lonely time for the incarcerated. Crossroads Prison Ministries’ mentorship program helps prisoners study the Bible by pairing them with people like you, who review their lessons by mail. Crossroads will train you from start to finish, so no experience is necessary. Correspondence goes through their office so you are protected from prisoners contacting you directly. Remember, when care for the incarcerated, you care for Jesus himself.

The second option is to use this time at home to get equipped for ministry. The unreached people groups of the world have moved away from their homelands, into our communities as co-workers and neighbors. You have the privilege of inviting them into His family. If you feel overwhelmed, EveryInternational offers free, step-by-step video lessons to make you an effective cross-cultural minister. So whether you feel inadequate or you have been witnessing for decades, you can grow in your skill for His Great Commission. You can choose up to three courses, each taking about four hours to complete, working at your own pace. A coach is available to help you implement what you have learned.

Next, you can become a minister of reconciliation. The death of George Floyd revealed the significant work to reconcile Black and White relationships. The best way to achieve this is through personal relationship and safe dialogue among those who follow Jesus. We launched a quarterly Zoom gathering called Reconciliation Fellowship, so believers across America can listen, learn, and lament together, where friendships are formed and God is glorified.

This one-hour fellowship meets next on January 7. Whether you are Black, White, Brown, Asian, or any other ethnicity, you are welcomed in this fellowship.

Finally, you can help us catalyze collaborations like these in 2021 through a year-end financial gift: online, through appreciated securities, or mailing a check. This pandemic offers several ways you can make “the best use of the time because the days are evil.” So don’t be immobilized. Go impact the world!

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