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Allies and Advocates (June 30, 2021)

As we conclude each year of ministry at Completion Global, we ask the Lord to help us discern an annual theme for the coming year.

2018 was “Adventure or Die!”

2019 “Patience and Persistence”

2020 “Humility and Agility”

Did we ever need agility to adjust to the chaos of the last year with unprecedented changes and divisions in our country? Now, as was we enter our fourth year of seeking innovation for the Great Commission, our theme is “Allies and Advocates.”

Our fundamental passion is to see the Body of Christ work together across organizational lines; across ethnic lines; across political lines; to put aside competitive instincts to seek the work of the Kingdom together. Cathy and I want to grow in our ability to be more effective allies for people and organizations who need encouragement and connection. We want to advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves; who have no voice; for those who have good ideas but need someone to champion them through the right connections.

For example, there are thousands of prisoners who have received ministry training but need advocates who will help them put their training to good use upon release; there are ministries who want to work together but feel alone and isolated; there are people who long to be involved in something of eternal value but don’t know what to do.

So we look forward to becoming better allies in three ways:

1. Strengthening the fledgling national network of diaspora ministries by introducing them to each other; people like Josh and Brittany Germany in Memphis who are grateful for connecting them with people around the country.

2. Creating 50 city coalitions focused on the foreign born, like the one we are developing in Houston, where we’ve developed a website listing dozens of organizations, who together are offering 25 ways people can use their gifts without leaving Houston. We’ve already started similar conversations in Minneapolis, Memphis, Dallas, Philadelphia, and St. Louis.

3. Advocating for prisoners and their families by finding people who will start ministry training programs like TUMI in all 50 states, not just in the 13 states where prisoner training is occurring.

As we start into the fourth year of Completion Global, we ask you to pray in the month of July for God to teach us how to grow in our competence as allies and advocates for His Kingdom.

We are happy to announce that our book Climbing Up is now available in Spanish. You can order it here:

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